Why does life have to be so fast? Lessons from the river.

I had a retreat day today so I went down to the river to think and reflect. I’m pondering my next steps for my life. I sat on a bench drinking my coffee and eating some chocolate looking out at the river as rain dropped on my glasses. I felt my heart slow and myContinue reading “Why does life have to be so fast? Lessons from the river.”

A vision that makes your eyes sparkle and your heart beat faster…

There is a great quote from Richard Branson about your vision: If your dreams don’t scare you, they are too small. – Richard Branson Whenever I do one of these exercises about my calling, or my business goals, I write down one dream that seems too big, impossible and scary. Today I thought I wouldContinue reading “A vision that makes your eyes sparkle and your heart beat faster…”

That new term feeling | The Deep Work Diaries

So, I’ve decided to try to write a new blog post once a month, when I have my ‘Deep Work’ day (to find out what deep work is check out my past blog post here…). Also, I’ve been feeling quite deep anyways, for a number of reasons. Firstly my little boy Isaac is off toContinue reading “That new term feeling | The Deep Work Diaries”

How to Keep Habits | The Parenting Diaries

I’ve been wondering recently, can I think of a new way to help me to keep my habits? I’ve decided to start by making it public, putting it out there and allowing you, readers, to ask me how I’m doing! I realised that habits were helpful things and also a bit of a lifeline whenContinue reading “How to Keep Habits | The Parenting Diaries”

Parenting Diaries: the Quest for ‘Deep Work’…

I just don’t *do* busy. So, I am a mother of Isaac, a delightful seven-month old noisy mini-me with lots of energy, I have my own business, Joy Factory, doing marketing consultation, design and selling my art, I do mental health advocacy, I’m a business mentor, I volunteer at my church…people often ask me howContinue reading “Parenting Diaries: the Quest for ‘Deep Work’…”

And…stop. Now what?

Today I write from snowy Wales. I’m on retreat, visiting a mysterious place called Ffald y Brenin, a Christian healing community, on the recommendation of my good friend, Rupal. Me and my husband Mike drove down from Harrow yesterday and the peace and quiet still takes some getting used to. As we reached Dinas Cross,Continue reading “And…stop. Now what?”

Happy 2014 from the Joy Factory!

Happy New Year, everyone. A bit late, but I have been ill, forgive me. I hope 2013 ended with a bang for you, it certainly did for me. Here are my highlights from my first quarter: Created a Twibbon campaign for Greenpeace: ‘Save Santa’ Put on my first “Kickass Women Mingle”; a dozen kickass ladiesContinue reading “Happy 2014 from the Joy Factory!”

Come on in to the Joy Factory.

I have had an exciting few months since opening the doors to the Joy Factory. My mission is to help people to be understood, through social media marketing, branding and illustration. I’m committed to helping Harrow businesses succeed and also to champion homelessness and mental health charities. My first two campaigns were working on newContinue reading “Come on in to the Joy Factory.”