The Joy Factory is a branding and marketing agency in Hampshire that was founded in 2013 by me, Katie Moritz (above with umbrella!)

I’m passionate about helping you to grow your business, through dumping ‘busy’ and finding more joy and productivity. I provide brand development, illustration and design, targeted marketing plans and training.

My Expertise and Experience

Katie created branding, visual merchanding and a marketing strategy for 'Found' Charity shop in Harrow

Creating Branding

  • I created a new Business Services flyer for Harrow Council
  • I created the brand identity and voice for the charity Shop, ‘Found’ (see left) and Harrow Work Hub in Pinner.
  • I created centre avatars and logos for Groundwork, that were used in print, merchandise and online
Katie had a worldwide trending hashtag, '#wee12' running the campaign


  • I ran PR and got national media coverage for Mind in Harrow
  • I ran an awareness campaign for Greenpeace with Facebook and web content
  • I created Facebook campaigns for the V&A, the Courtauld Gallery and West End Theatres whilst working at Culture Calling
  • I grew @LondonCallingUk from 800 to 12k Twitter followers in two years.
  • I had a worldwide trending hashtag, ‘#wee12’ running their campaign (see left)
  • I created communications for Facebook and a new website for Creative Growth South. I helped promote their mentoring scheme and was interviewed, which you can watch below, will also give you a flavour of how I work (and features possibly one of the most toe-curlingly embarrassing intros you’re ever seen…but it got me some work with Creative Growth South, so turns out I really can do PR!):
Katie at the City of London Roundtable for Diverse Entrepreneurship

Training and Consultation

  • I have run training in partnership with Natwest, Barclays Eagle Labs and London Business Partnership
  • I have delivered in-house training for Greenpeace, Harrow Council and St John’s Locks Heath.
  • I was part of a round table on diversity at the City of London (left)

Katie co-hosting a digital growth event for churches with Google Digital Garage

Running Events

  • I founded Breakthrough, an online and real-life network, with over 200 members
  • I hosted training workshops with Harrow Council and Southampton Council
  • I co-hosted Google training for 30 Community Leaders with Google Digital Garage (see left)

Joy Factory Values

Joy Factory Mission 2021
The Joy Factory Mission Statement

How Work Associates describe me…

This is a word cloud made from client testimonies.

Mental Wellbeing

  • I work between 9am and 5pm, Monday to Thursday
  • Don’t expect to hear from me on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays and weekdays after 5pm. (Although I might reply if I happen to be working)
  • This is nothing personal, it’s so I can do the best job for you by having strong boundaries and to ensure I make time for my family.


  • If you’ve met me and taken my details, I won’t chase you. Come to me when or if you are ready.
  • I always advocate honesty and will put your customers first in my recommendations, I will even tell you if I think you’re thinking of yourself rather than your audience!
  • I will make every effort to reply to communications within 48 hours.


  • I will endeavour to use local suppliers and use second-hand goods if possible
  • I will always fight for justice and stand for those who are misrepresented
  • I will keep my knowledge and expertise up to date for my clients
  • I will retreat once a quarter to continue to refine and improve my practice.


  • If a sale is not possible, I will offer to barter skills (such as LinkedIn lesson for Tax return help!)
  • I aim to help partners achieve their personal aims and objectives wherever possible and will promote them in my network.

(Values updated 18th February, 2021)

Want to know what I do in my downtime…?

  • My husband Mike and my son Isaac, enjoying a lockdown walk...
  • I'm an artist, here I am with my artwork (top) at a Hampshire exhibition.
  • I'm a rollercoaster fanatic, infact I'm even in a rollercoaster club!
  • I'm a passionate advocate for mental health and I used to do voluntary visual merchandising for Mind charity shops.
  • Pioneering Church: Chiminea
  • Plant lady

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