Branding from the Joy Factory

Is your current offering really reflected in your brand? Did you know when I say brand, this includes not only your logo, but also marketing, imagery, content and website? I can help you to get your brand matching your offering and audience.

Brand in a Box by the Joy Factory

Brand in a Box

Get everything you need for your new brand in one box:

  • Logo, colour palette, font library
  • Brand Guidelines Book
  • Target Audience Personas
  • Brand Templates
  • Marketing and Communications
  • And much more.
Website in a Box by the Joy Factory

Website in a Box

Build a new website that reflects your current offering and audience, which includes:

  • WordPress Site and Pages set up and launched
  • Application and refresh of your brand
  • Content, imagery and layout to attract your target audiences
  • Team-training
  • Outbound links to Google and Social Media Platforms
  • And much more…


Logo Suite by the Joy Factory

Get a suite of logos for all applications, including:

  • Rectangle logo for documents
  • Footer logo for presentations and signatures
  • Square logo for Social Media
  • Black and White logo versions
  • Transparent variations for placing over images
  • Price also includes a Vision Workshop, Online Workbook and Pinterest Vision Board.


Brand Templates by the Joy Factory

Get a selection of graphic files using your brand that you can use daily, including:

  • A Facebook post
  • An Instagram post
  • An email signature
  • A presentation outline
  • A report or document outline


Illustration by the Joy Factory

Custom Illustration

Get a custom illustration for your brand, such as a website campaign banner, an avatar, an ident or for printed materials. This is a squirrel I created for Groundwork for a Families Activities campaign.


Katie has an intuitive and very accurate eye for selecting appropriate styles, accents and colours to fulfil her given outcomes.

She is then able to apply this wonderful creativity and style in very pragmatic and appropriate ways, that enhance both the client’s desired brand and our target market’s viewing and engagement experience.

Trevor Pritchard, St John’s Locks Heath Warden, talking about rebrand project.

Find out how you can transform your brand.