Find bespoke, tailored training designed for your individual needs to help grow your business – marketing, branding, time management…or whatever you or your team might need.

Marketing Plan Workshop

Learn how to create a marketing plan for your business or project that is tailored to your ideal customer’s needs. The training includes (depending on the workshop length):

  • A clear picture of your ideal customer, their needs and their profiles
  • Identifying, simplifying and communicating your offering
  • Creation of a mission statement, values and key messages
  • Mapping out your customer’s needs to inform content creation
  • Creating a calendar for marketing content

This workshop is available as a single, half-day or day option. See the table below for prices for each workshop option.

Wellbeing Workshops

Katie delivering stress-busing workshop at Aerial Direct.

Stress-Busting Workshop

Help reduce stress in your team with a single or ongoing course of content addressing stress-reduction. The workshop covers:

  • What stress is, what it does to our bodies and our relationships at work
  • Some tools, tips and rhythms for working at your desk
  • How to streamline workloads, prioritising what is profitable and valuable to your team
  • How to be accountable in your team to reduce stress

Value-Setting Workshop

Work out what your values are in business and in life to be more fruitful. This one-off workshop will help you set some simple values that will help you prioritise your activities each day. The session will include:

  • A brain-dump of everything on your plate at work and at rest
  • Working out what activities, things, people matter and how to prioritise them
  • Creating a vision board on Pinterest to mind map your interests, dreams, hopes and more
  • Creating a simple list of values and working out a plan to include these in your diary.

Introduction to Boundaries Workshop

Find out how to be more comfortable with saying ‘no’ and setting limits to have more healthy relationships and a happier professional and personal life. The introductory session will include:

  • How to identify bad boundaries and why we have them
  • How to say ‘no’ more comfortably
  • How to set limits and deal with pressure
  • How to take responsibility for the right things
  • How to map out your personal boundaries and dump the toxic things, people, activities in your life.
Single Workshop
Half Day Workshop
Day Workshop