Put the Joy back into your business with a 90-minute Social Media or Design Surgery


Put the Joy back into your Marketing and Design.




Get help right now with your Social Media

Β Do you desperately need some help with:

  • Facebook

  • LinkedIn

  • Twitter

  • Email

  • And lastly…Don’t forget your website.

Put some joy back into your marketing. You know, like when you describe your business to a friend. Your passion for what you do and why you do it.


This can translate to social media. Got you thinking?

Why would you want to work with me?

I’ll teach you only what you need to know, (i.e. where are your customers and what platforms do you enjoy using/ hate using) rather than teaching you every social media platform on the planet. And I won’t recommend I manage your social media for you. (Oh hey there, gurus!) *wink*

Find out more about my Social Media Surgery by clicking below:

2018 Joy Factory Button

Need something designed or illustrated?

Design Surgery Hero Graphic 2018

If you need design that is based on your USP and passion for your business, which will connect with your audience, I specialise in this. Get something truly unique through a unique consultation method, which I call the Design Surgery. Click below to find out more and see examples of my design work:

2018 Joy Factory Button


Buy my Art in the Joy Factory Gift Shop

Dream of summer days in the Algarve...
Dream of summer days in the Algarve…

In the Joy Factory Gift Shop you can buy my artwork and other products, such as greetings cards and calendars. I also make a range of jewellery.

You can see catalogues of past exhibitions, find out where you can see my work and view a range of my work.

2018 Joy Factory Button



Join the Kickass Women

The Kickass Women 2018 Team
The Kickass Women 2018 Team

I founded Kickass Women in 2012. It’sΒ a women’s networking event that takes place mostly in Harrow and a Facebook group, Come to the upcoming Christmas Mingle and Makers Market:

2018 Joy Factory Button





Please chat to me about the services mentioned above by filling out this contact form:


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