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That September, new stationery feeling…

So, I’ve decided to try to write a new blog post once a month, when I have my ‘Deep Work’ day (to find out what deep work is check out my past blog post here…).

Also, I’ve been feeling quite deep anyways, for a number of reasons.

Firstly my little boy Isaac is off to school…

My little genius is going to school…

Which is a real milestone but also means I get 9 to 5 (well, maybe 3…) back again. So what will I do with all that time?

Secondly, it’s that new term feeling we all have come September, after all those years of going to school. Which makes us reflective, hopeful, focused etc, particularly after I find, those walks on holiday where you have time and space to have those ‘10,000 feet’ moments to be objective about our careers, dreams, calling…

10,000 foot perspective on life.

Thirdly, I am in a formal ‘discernment’ process to work out if I want to do authorised ministry for church ( probably more on the ground, new forms eg cafes etc, called ‘Pioneer Ministry’) This time involves big questions like, what do I enjoy doing, what have I had success doing in the past etc.

Where am I going next?

And fourthly, a bit random, I had a job interview for a one-day-a-week social media and website management job for a Christian charity, ReSource. It came out of the blue, thanks to a tip off from a work associate and has left just as fast as I was their second choice, probably had too a strategic plan for a simpler process.

How do I feel about that? Ok, actually. It was another 10,000 foot chance to feel deeply grateful for the varied, creative and interesting work I am paid to do. Also kind comments from friends that I’m a leader, visionary and very creative.

But…do I want to apply for other jobs? I *could* but do I want to? I guess if any of you reading see a job I might like then please send it my way!

But one common theme and an interesting reflection from the ReSource director, is that I’m passionate about equipping people. What does that look like? Training people, do that. Equipping women? About time to do another Kickass Women event (find out more here!) Bringing people into joy and freedom? Mmm…that sounds a bit like a Pioneer minister…

Equipping people to find creative freedom?

I’ve been musing on something I saw this morning. I went for brekky with my hub at Leon’s cafe at Lee on the Solent and was met with the most amazing sky – the Isle of Wight was barely visible and the horizon line looked like it really was the edge of the world. As we ate breakfast I enjoyed watching this view change.

As I’ve thought about this today, I feel a bit like this sky. My mum then told me they call a weather condition like that a ‘sea change’. I think I need to just sit and wait for a bit, see what comes up. Wait before I jump in.

The ‘sea change’ sky at Lee on the Solent this morning.

So what about you reader, what does this time of year bring up for you? Any helpful tips for us on how to navigate children going to school and the space that creates?

Or maybe you’re a bit deep-thinking like me right now. If this applies to your career, then please do sign up for a free 30-minute review just below, to do your own deep work.

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