A vision that makes your eyes sparkle and your heart beat faster…

A vision that makes your eyes sparkle...

A vision that makes your eyes sparkle...
A vision that makes your eyes sparkle…

There is a great quote from Richard Branson about your vision:

If your dreams don’t scare you, they are too small.

– Richard Branson

Whenever I do one of these exercises about my calling, or my business goals, I write down one dream that seems too big, impossible and scary. Today I thought I would put it on paper and put it out there. But first a little about how I arrived at my heart-beating-faster, eyes sparkling vision…

I’ve been to a number of online events recently, and I keep on hearing the message that it is profitable as well as fulfilling to pursue the thing we really love and that we need to tell people what that is. Our personal brand if you will.

I have another guiding principle which I created from a quote from Bill Hybels (let’s put the news aside and just take his good quote on surface level right now…)

Your schedule is less about what you want to get done, but what you want to become.

– Bill Hybels

From this I created my ‘becoming’ principles – i.e. what do I want to be doing in my future, who do I want to be and therefore, who am I now, and what is going in my diary towards this aim.

My twelve values are:

  1. Be happy and healthy
  2. Put Mike (my husband) and Isaac (my son) first
  3. Prioritise mine and Isaac’s character
  4. Be fully me
  5. A leader and mentor
  6. A loyal friend and relative
  7. A kind advocate and activist
  8. Always curious
  9. A lifelong adventurer
  10. Doing meaningful work
  11. An active artist
  12. Welcoming

These twelve values are my guiding lights when something comes in my inbox. Number 10 represents my work I do for Joy Factory but number 5 is around Pioneering, leadership and mentoring and number 7 represents my mental health advocacy work and Kickass Women (my women’s network). And most of all, number 1 represents my ethics, ethos in work and leisure.

So my dream, or as my business coach, Sean Kennedy puts it in his book, ‘Loved, Called, Gifted’

“What would you do if you threw all caution to the wind or what would your most wild or audacious self do…’

– Sean Kennedy, Katherine Powell – Loved, Called, Gifted.


This picture, I thought I’d draw it. I’d love your thoughts about what you think it is in the comments, or on social whatever, where you read this:

My 'Joy Bubble' vision
My ‘Joy Bubble’ vision

I’m putting it out there so people know where my heart lies, what my dream looks like, what matters to me. Maybe you have an empty unit, or want to invest in something or maybe you’re a tired parent who’d love 30 minutes in the ‘Nap’ bubble! This idea came from a sense that there’s a lot of mums who would kill for 30 minutes to themselves, un-interrupted. I asked women on my Kickass Women members group what they’d do with that time and these are their great suggestions.

And I’d love to do church in this way, business in this way. But it’s just a sketch, but I thought I’d put it out there, lay out my stall, whatever. Take a risk, I am an entrepreneur, after all!

Would love to hear your thoughts.

What are your dreams that scare you…or are they not big enough..?

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I'm Katie Moritz and I founded the Joy Factory in 2013. I'm here to help people build their brand and to find the right customers. I help clients with marketing and content plans. I also create brand identities, illustrations and printed materials. I run bespoke training for individuals and teams. I hold a women's network space, 'Breakthrough'. I write about my journey in theology and Christian pioneering as well as my thoughts about rest, mental health and parenting. I'm also an artist.