Are you sick of mansplainers, pushy sales people and waste-of-time and icky networking? Do you dream of actually actually *liking* the people you do business, downtime and mission with?

Want to know what Breakthrough is all about? I started Breakthrough (was Kickass Women) in 2013 as an invite-only event in my home to create a safe and friendly space for women I knew to connect.

Breakthrough networking – helpful introductions…

The idea came from that scene in the movie ‘Bridget Jones’ Diary’, where Bridget is terrified to do public speaking and her friend tells her about ‘helpful introductions’ – i.e., ‘You should meet so-and-so because you both help women in IT, or you both love Take That’ or something.

I’ve always been good at connecting people and holding safe-spaces so I thought I’d create an invite-only network where I knew everyone and what they did and could help people meet the right people, without pushy, spammy professionals and mansplainers getting in the way. Breakthrough has since grown into a public event offering occasionally but the values remain. We are here to help women find more freedom and break free from ‘busy’.

I’ve run a wide range of events with organisations such as Natwest, Harrow Council, the London Business Partnership and recently Southampton Council, Barclays Eagle Labs and Aerial Connect. Attendees are limited to just 20 to keep it focused and intimate.

The events are for any woman (or man) who works – this could be a mum, someone volunteering, someone looking for work, entrepreneurs or start-ups. I want everyone to be welcome.

It’s not a space for ‘selling’. It’s about connecting. We don’t bring great piles of business cards and thrust them in people’s face without asking. We listen more than we speak. We help each other and equip each other.

There’s lots of room to be yourself, to be vulnerable and real and to ask for help.

What will a Breakthrough event be like?

Events are organised when a group of ladies want me to organise one! Recently I’ve organised Breakthrough events such as:

  • An International Women’s Day Values-setting workshop for Aerial Direct, a telecommunications organisation
  • A monthly online book club, reading ‘Work like a Woman,’ by Mary Portas
  • A ‘Maker’s Market‘ where women who make sold their wares for Christmas shoppers
  • A workshop called ‘Pause‘ which was about achieving our goals and passions in the new year, through coaching, planning and having a vision
  • A session on ‘Simplifying‘, which covered de-cluttering, removing mental blockages and freeing up time in our diaries.
  • A values setting planning workshop in partnership with Barclays Eagle Labs
  • Running a values-setting workshop for Aerial Direct on International Women's Day.
  • Running a value-settings Breakthrough event at Southampton Barclays Eagle Labs.
  • Running a Breakthrough event for women in business for Natwest in Harrow.
  • The very first Breakthrough mingle (which was Kickass Women then) in 2013
  • Online 'Work like a Woman' Breakthrough Bookclub.

Come to the monthly ‘Work like a Woman’ Book club online

Click the link below to sign up for the next ‘Work like a Woman’ book club evening. They take place the second Monday of the month, from 8pm to 9.30pm online. Each time I prepare questions so there’s no need to have read the book. The more interesting women come, the more interesting stories we hear and solutions are shared.

Join the Breakthrough Network

To learn more about Breakthrough and get involved you can request to join the LinkedIn Breakthrough group here. You can also visit the resource library on Pearltrees here, which has lots of interesting articles about mental health, imposter syndrome, time-management, value setting and parenting.

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