Website in a Box

'Website in a Box' by the Joy Factory

Get everything you need to build a new website that will increase your target audience engagement and be more visible online in the ‘Website in a Box’.

What’s in the box?

Online Workbook in the Joy Factory 'Website in a Box'

You will have a unique Google Docs Online Collaborative Workbook to use individually or as a team to capture work in progress, objectives, plans, developments and ideas.

The workbook contains live links, guidance and a logical process through the website design project.

Brand Values in the Joy Factory 'Website in a Box'

We will record your brand story and history of your business in the Vision Workshop in order to design a site that will serve both you and your audience. This will cover:

  • Your values
  • Your mission statement
  • Your brand personality
  • Your 5-year plan
  • How your customers see you
  • Your key messages
  • Your USP and value proposition

Audience Profiles in the Joy Factory 'Website in a Box'

We will create three to five personas in the Vision Workshop (three to five) for your current client base and target audience and work out what their search enquiries and problems will be when they reach your website and how to answer them with your offering most effectively.

Vision Board in the Joy Factory 'Website in a Box'

We will create a collaborative Pinterest vision board where you can explore and capture your aspirations, preferences and aims for your website around:

  • Look and feel
  • Imagery, graphics
  • Colours and fonts
  • Brand application
  • Content and marketing strategy
  • Aspirational brands.

User Journey Strategy in the Joy Factory 'Website in a Box'

We will use the Audience Profiles to create a website structure and journey that will serve your user’s most pressing needs.

This will cover:

  • Navigation and site structure
  • Copy and tone of voice
  • Imagery
  • CTAs (Call to Actions) on each page
  • Layout of key information.

Brand Assets Application in the Joy Factory 'Website in a Box'

We will create a simple guidelines book that shows how to apply your brand assets to the site including:

  • Correct size and dimension of your logo identity
  • Correct use of your brand colours and adding additions if neccessary
  • Correct use of your typography for headings and copy on the website
  • Reviewing and adding to your imagery library to illustrate your offering
  • Correct use of tone-of-voice or messaging in content or creating new guidelines.

Website and Pages Creation in the Joy Factory 'Website in a Box'

We will create a WordPress site and link that to a new domain or an existing one. The site creation work will include:

  • Reviewing and selecting the best theme to showcase your offering to your audience
  • Setting up mapping for website addresses and emails
  • Designing and creating pages for ‘Home’, ‘Services’, ‘About’, ‘Contact’ and ‘Portfolio/ Testimonies’
  • Creating Call to Actions for each page
  • Adding graphics, quotes and photography to pages
  • Creating ‘parent’ and ‘child’ pages for different tiers of products and services
  • Creating a menu structure and a home page overview of site contents
  • Outbound links and shares to social media and other platforms.

Content Strategy in the Joy Factory 'Website in a Box'

We will create a content plan for your website which will include:

  • A calendar of the year mapping out key milestones for your target audiences
  • Suggestions of subjects and content for blog posts, pages, campaigns and promotions
  • Guidelines for types of imagery and graphics for your website that are on brand
  • Guidelines for future management, and training for website content creators, curators and editors.

Marketing Strategy in the Joy Factory 'Website in a Box'

We will create a Marketing Strategy for your website to increase traffic and visibility which will cover:

  • Linking your site to your social media platforms and automating actions to share as posts etc
  • Making your pages, content and posts easily shareable on social media
  • Giving you some ideas of key times and seasons to market to your audience and what platform to use for what
  • Creating an ‘above the fold’ CTA campaign for site visitors
  • Setting up contact forms and email sign up options.

SEO Strategy in the Joy Factory 'Website in a Box'

We will optimise all content on your website for Google search so you are more visible in searches. Activities will include:

  • Aligning your website with ‘Google my Business’
  • Naming all images correctly to be more visible in search
  • Creating inbound links by listing on relevent directories etc
  • Doing some basic keyword search relating to your offering and putting into your content
  • Creating strong, keyword-led titles for your site and pages
  • Testing your site for speed, mobile and accessibility.

Website Tutorial in the Joy Factory 'Website in a Box'

When the website is complete, you will receive up to two 60-minute tutorials for team members who will be updating the site or uploading content.

Further information will be available in the Workbook. Training will cover:

  • How to check site analytics
  • A tour of the Dashboard
  • How to customise the site or change the theme
  • How to contact WordPress support
  • A tour of the Gutenburg content system for adding text, content and images.

Audience Feedback from the Joy Factory 'Website in a Box'

Is the client *always* right? I always advocate checking the proposed design choices externally, with your target audience, to see what it says to them and if it attracts them. This might be with questionnaires, asking on social media or focus groups.

I’m saying upfront that I will challenge you if you are making choices that will not attract or engage your target audience, so you can best serve them.

It’s really important to check assumptions and associations without proceeding further and wasting time and money.

How long will this process take?

The workshop stage usually takes two weeks (with a fact-finding session and feedback and strategic next steps) then the design and making stage perhaps taking another two weeks and then you need to build in time to check the website user journey and design with your target audience.

So a month is a good estimation, or it may be shorter or longer. It’s up to you. I will keep in constant contact and help things move along but it may be you need to take time at your end to get all of the elements right.

Web Design Portfolio

  • Creative Growth South website design by the Joy Factory.
  • Edo Women's Association New WordPress Website by the Joy Factory
  • 'St John's Locks Heath' Church branding and website development
  • Christmas 'Greenpeace' campaign landing page design
  • London Business Partnership Site Refresh by the Joy Factory
  • Oxo Tower landing page design
  • 'London Calling' landing page design

Katie has delivered an excellent rebrand for our website and helped us re-position ourselves. With a great eye for design, Katie understood what was required from the brief, however she did so much more, including setting up our social media templates to ensure there was consistency across the brand.

Katie also educated us to help us understand the psychology behind colours, fonts and styles and why our previous site did not fit well with our target audience – an important lesson learnt. 

Nicky Curtis, Business Mentor for Creative Growth South.
Landing Page
  • 60-minute vision setting meeting
  • Collaborative Workbook and Pinterest Board
  • Brand Assets Collation
  • WordPress Site and URL set up
  • Landing Page creation
Full Website
  • 2x 60-minute vision setting meetings
  • Collaborative Workbook and Pinterest Board
  • Brand Assets Collation
  • Website User Journey Strategy
  • WordPress Site and URL set up
  • Web Pages creation
  • Content creation
  • Imagery strategy and implementation
  • Website Marketing Strategy
  • Website SEO Strategy