Rebrand with the Joy Factory

If you need a new brand then I have the varied industry experience to help you reach your audience.

I have worked with a range of companies, charities and individuals including: charity sector, churches, government, SME’s, consultants, coaches and agencies. Below are some examples of my branding work.

Found Charity Shop, Harrow.

I created a new brand for the ‘Found’ Charity Shop in Harrow. The brand has a 1950/ 1980 feel, and the shop fittings and fixtures reflect this.

Branding included:

  • Posters
  • Flyers
  • Signage
  • Social Media
  • Avatars
  • Shop Design

St John’s Locks Heath

I worked with the church leadership team to create a new brand to reflect the church mission and also to attract young families in Locks Heath.

I have consulted with church members and the wider community and to date have created or contributed to the following elements:

  • Logotype and colour palette
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Signage
  • Website Design
  • PVC Banners
  • Christmas Card
  • Presentation Templates


I created a new brand for Family activites at the three Groundwork centres: Braywick Nature Centre, Iver Environment Centre and the Elsdale II. The campaign was for educational activites across the three centres.

I worked in-house for 3 months and created the following branding elements:

  • A1 Poster
  • Character avatars for each centre
  • Idents for each centre
  • A website
  • Social Media content

Brand Guidelines

Joy Factory Brand Guidelines for St John's Locks Heath
  • Team 60-minute project planning session
  • Team 60-minute review session
  • Point of Contact Collaborative Workbook and Vision Board
  • 20+ page document covering logo, fonts, colour palette, use of imagery, tone of voice, communications and do’s and don’ts

Joy Factory Brand Guidelines for St John’s Locks Heath

Brand Templates

  • Communications: email signature, social media
  • Display: presentations, posters and flyers
  • Documents: header, footer, reports
  • Logo versions and how to use them
  • Graphic Design guidance
  • Team tutorial

Logo Design

Logo Design by the Joy Factory

Get a logo that will attract your target audience. I have created logos for charities, churches, shops, work spaces and small businesses.

I have injected into each logo something about the story and background of each client.

Idents and Avatars

Idents and Avatars by the Joy Factory

Do you need a character or an emblem to increase brand awareness, attract a certain audience or to delight families?

I have created avatars and idents for charities, retail and churches and the designs have been applied to posters, social media and even a staff uniform.


Illustrations by the Joy Factory

Do you need an eye-catching illustration to make your brand or campaign really stand out?

I’ve created illustrations for Arts Marketing clients, book covers, charities and websites, using a range of mediums and styles. It helps that I have a degree in Illustration and that I’m also an artist!

Collaborative Process:

If you are interested in the way I work and would like to see how it could work for you, then please get in touch for a meeting by clicking below.

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