Joy Factory Mission

The idea behind this is that I can change the status quo by equipping business owners to market their businesses and causes and to feel more confident in marketing and branding. I also educate people through advocacy and charity work. My hope is that my mission will spread from one individual to another, especially my business ethics.

Joy Factory Business Values

I have devised a set of business values, or ‘girders’, as I call them, that hold up my business. They are there to protect my mental health and stress levels. I hope to encourage my clients and associates to follow my lead and slow down and chill out. Here they are:

  1. The Joy Factory is eerily quiet outside of the hours of 9am to 5.30pm. Don’t expect to hear back from me outside these hours or on the weekend. Nothing personal; I can do a better job for you if I’m fully rested! (Sometimes I wake up early or take time off in the day so you might get an email from me outside working hours)
  2.  Lunch is eaten away from the desk and for a full hour wherever possible
  3. I only work one day, one week at a time to protect you and myself if I have a depressive episode (please ask me about this if you’re worried)
  4. The Joy Factory will make every effort to support local and independent businesses for services and use second-hand or British-made goods
  5.  I will never advocate dishonesty and will always recommend putting your customer’s needs first
  6.  Where a sale is not possible, I will offer to barter skills with me (e.g. LinkedIn lesson for Tax return help)
  7.  I won’t chase you in desperation once you’ve met me, I’ll wait until if and when you’re ready to work with me
  8.  I stand for justice and will always stand up for the misunderstood and misrepresented, particularly those with a mental health problem
  9. The Joy Factory is completely closed once a quarter to retreat and plan
  10.  I will keep my knowledge of my industry up to date to help the people I work with succeed.

(Updated on the 21st November, 2019. Katie Moritz)

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