Happy Customers

I’m lucky to have had happy customers and lots of referrals and partnerships.

If you’ve worked with me and would like to leave a comment you can also leave me a Google Review here:

Here is a format you could use:

  1. What was the challenge you were facing before we worked together
  2. What did we do together to solve this challenge?
  3. What were the results?

This helps me to improve the Joy Factory services in the future and provide what people really want.

Here are some comments from happy clients so far (taken from my LinkedIn recommendations)

“Katie is a breath of fresh air. I decided to invite her in to meet me and my team to impart on the knowledge she has (in social media marketing). In the one hour session, she gave us a number of different ideas and a different view on how to take things forward, this was followed up by a well-documented and detailed report.  I would recommend Katie to anybody who wants to attract customers and generate greater value from their website and social media presence.”

Parimel Patel, DCC.

“I learnt more about digital media in ninety minutes with Katie than I had picked up in my years of faffing around on the internet. She comes highly recommended.”

David Cummings, TV Writer for Harry Enfield and Paul Whitehouse.

Please do add your own feedback on my services to the comments below.

Thanks so much,


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  1. I have worked a lot with Katie. She did an outstanding job designing the cover of our book. She captured exactly what we wanted which was so hard to put into words – yet she did it so beautifully. I have had many conversations with Katie that have helped demystify social media and helped me discover practical ways forward.

  2. I received training with Katie in order to launch and market my local activism group (HAT: Harrow Against Trafficking) more effectively and efficiently on social media. Given my limited experience and patience with social media – and general aversion to concepts of ‘branding’ etc – Katie’s clear and informed guidance was helpful and surprisingly interesting. Katie asked insightful questions in order to tailor the training to my needs and interests, and talked me through the creative steps instead of simply doing it for me. The result is not only a uniquely tailored logo but, additionally, a confidence to promote my group and an awareness of lots of little tips and tricks which Katie shared.