Brand in a Box

Get everything you need for your new brand that will engage your target audience with the ‘Brand in a Box’.

What’s in the box?

Google Docs Online Collaborative Workbook to use individually or as a team to capture work in progress, objectives, plans, developments and ideas.

Contains live links, guidance and a logical process through the branding process.

We will record your brand story and history of your business in the Vision Workshop, which will cover:

  • Your values
  • Your mission statement
  • Your brand personality
  • Your 5-year plan
  • How your customers see you
  • Your key messages
  • Your USP and value proposition

We will create personas in the Vision Workshop (three to five) for your current client base and target audience and work out how you can solve their individual problems and create a brand that will attract them.

Vision Board, Brand in a Box by the Joy Factory

We will create a collaborative Pinterest vision board to capture your aspirations for your brand where you can capture your likes and dislikes around:

  • Logo design
  • Imagery
  • Colours
  • Brand
  • Competitors
  • Aspirational Brands

We will create a ready-to-use selection of palettes, taking inspiration from the sourced material in the Pinterest Vision Board. The pallette selection includes:

  • Key accent colour palette for display, online and in print
  • Neutral palette for reports, websites etc
  • A wide range of tones and tints from your key colours

We will choose a heading and contrasting and complementary display font to use for your logo, as well as a paragraph font. This will be a font that fits your brand values that is widely available for different browsers and Word processing platforms.

I advocate choosing a sustainable font that will last you five to ten years at least.

We will create a ‘suite’ of logos using our selected colours, fonts and concepts, which includes:

  • A more traditional rectangle logo
  • A Square logo for social media and avatars
  • A Footer logo for presentations and documents
  • A White Background logo for use on top of imagery or dark graphics
  • A Black and White version of all the logos above
  • A Square logo with padding for social media platforms

Is the client *always* right? I always advocate checking the proposed design choices externally, with your target audience, to see what it says to them and if it attracts them. This might be with questionnaires, asking on social media or focus groups.

I’m saying upfront that I will challenge you if you are making choices that will not attract or engage your target audience, so you can best serve them.

It’s really important to check assumptions and associations without proceeding further and wasting time and money.

We will create an audit of your current graphics, imagery and photography and ensure that it fits with the new brand ethos, message, colours and values. The agreed values will be illustrated in the Brand Guidelines Book. The guide will cover:

  • Products and services
  • People
  • Graphics and illustrations
  • Promotional material

Communications Guide, Brand in a Box by the Joy Factory

We will review your current communications and align them with the new brand, covering:

  • tone-of-voice
  • copywriting for emails and website
  • Presentations and filming
  • Printed documents

The agreed values will be included in the Brand Guidelines Book.

Brand Guidelines Book, Brand in a Box, by the Joy Factory

We will encapsulate all of the assets mentioned above in a Brand Guidelines Book, which will lay out the logo, values, colours, fonts etc and give do’s and don’t’s for anyone wanting to use the brand, internally or externally.

You will also get an online version of the Brand Book, with assets available to download in one place and the ability to copy palette colours to other applications.

You will get some starter graphic files using the brand assets, for every day use, including:

  • A Facebook post
  • An Instagram post
  • An email signature
  • A presentation outline
  • A report or document outline

How long will this process take?

A lot of clients have started with the idea of ‘Let’s just get the logo done’ but I really advise to go through the above stages giving it enough time as what you are setting is your brand DNA – who you are, what you offer and who it’s for. The logo is just one part of this bigger picture.

Getting the main core brand identity right will enable you to engage your target audience more effectively and will make it easy to create content online, marketing, promotional materials, and communications as you have all the building blocks in place.

You may have never considered all these things being part of your logo (or your logo being part of all these things) but it is so beneficial in the long run to not fast-track this process.

The workshop stage usually takes two weeks (with a fact-finding session and feedback) then the design and making stage perhaps another two weeks and then you need to build in time to check the brand with your target audience.

So a month is a good estimation, or it may be shorter or longer. It’s up to you. I will keep in constant contact and help things move along but it may be you need to take time at your end to get all of the elements right.

  • Joy Factory Brand Guidelines for St John's Locks Heath
  • Branding and visual merchandising for 'Found' Charity Shop
  • Harrow Work Hub promotional material
  • A4 Bi-Fold Leaflet for Harrow Council Business Services
  • 'Found' Business Card by the Joy Factory
  • Event Flyer by the Joy Factory
  • Marketing Campaign for Locks Heath Advent Windows Trail, 2020.
  • Groundwork Idents and Avatars

Katie has an intuitive and very accurate eye for selecting appropriate styles, accents and colours to fulfil her given outcomes. She is then able to apply this wonderful creativity and style in very pragmatic and appropriate ways, that enhance both the client’s desired brand and our target market’s viewing and engagement experience.

Trevor Pritchard, Church Warden, talking about the St. John’s Locks Heath rebrand.

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