Did God Speak to Moses through a burning bush…and did He speak to me through this watch?

Do you think God has anything to say to us in this day and age? Or is it all nonsense?

Well, let me tell you a little story about a watch.

Disclaimer – this blog post *definitely discusses Christian matters.*

It’s quite a journey, but worth it, I think! Also I’ve been itching to tell you this amazing story about what I believe is God’s goodness, especially Christ Church family, who have been faithfully praying for us for many years.

It all begins about five years ago, when my husband Mike was thinking about whether he should train to become a priest. We made a new friend at the time, who didn’t know anything about us. He said he’d had a vision (which was very unusual for him) of Mike teaching a group of men in a bible study in Portsmouth.


This was enough, alongside some other confirmations for Mike to decide to train. He enrolled at St. Mellitus for three years study. About this time last year, we were still waiting for a curacy position to be confirmed (his first job after being ordained.) Lots of his peers had found out where they were going and we had no idea and were pretty concerned about this.

Mike was doing a placement at Harbour Church in Portsmouth, as a way of exploring this calling to Portsmouth. We were still unsure what the future held. I asked for prayer and a young member of Christ Church had, what he believed was a picture from God of an anchor and wave…a bit like this…

This made me chuckle knowingly, as the Harbour Church is very similar to this. I thought this was a sign that we were meant to go there. But, it didn’t work out. And there were other opportunities in Portsmouth that didn’t happen, either. So we felt dejected again. At about the same time, I found this watch below in Mind Charity Shop where I volunteer…


Looks a bit familiar? So I bought it, to see if God would speak to me through it perhaps. I wore it, and over the next few days I found that it would stop and run slow and I’d wind it up and it would work again. Eventually it stopped all together. Mmm, I thought, that’s odd. I wonder what God could be saying. So I drew something in my journal, just taking a line for a walk (like Pollock used to say) with God. I drew this…

Showing the watch with the hands falling off and also the battery falling out of the back. I felt God was saying there was no rush, no deadline, we weren’t going to miss something. I also drew this, and I felt it was about us being anchored while we wait, for the wind to blow again. One friend said the sea looked a bit like England and the anchor was pointing to Portsmouth…

Anyhoo. A few weeks passed and in that time Mike was sent a job advert for a curacy in a church called St. John’s, in the parish of…Portsmouth. He didn’t take it very seriously, until his tutor and his wife mentioned the vicar there was their close friend. So Mike decided to go for an interview.

At the same time, I’d asked Mike to wear the non-working watch, to see if God would speak to him and encourage him, as he was feeling pretty downcast by this point. He said no at first, thinking it was silly then said he would. The day before the interview, he came rushing home and told me that he’d been wearing the watch and it was itchy, so he put it in his pocket. Then, it fell out of his pocket, fell to the ground, the battery was jolted and guess what? The watch started again!

We laughed joyfully to ourselves, suspecting God was saying the interview the next day was the one. On the day I was praying for Mike in the car, and I got the word ‘laurel’ in my head. I shared it with him and suggested he meditated on it, to see if it became relevent.

As Bruce Collins would say…we are coming in to land.

So a couple of weeks later, we were in St. John’s undercover, checking it out. I was wandering around, looking for something to do with laurel, and guess what I found…

With an anchor too! That’s pretty amazing, right? But I’m not *quite* finished. A few weeks later, we were at St. John’s again, having lunch with Gavin and Hazel, the leaders. Gavin said we should go for it, that Mike would take the curacy. At that point, I shared this story to this point with him, to encourage him and the members of St. Johns.

But then! He said…

“Katie, you do know that the road you’re living on is called…”


And then when we went to visit our house, what is growing in the front garden? A laurel tree.


So, make of that what you will.

I have an invitation for you.

I am renewing my Baptism vows on the 9th June, 21 years after I became a Christian (athiest came to Christ Church thinking it was a date…another long story.)

This entails me confirming my Baptism vows, sharing my faith story and being submerged in water (cunning pool under the church stage). It’s quite a spectacle, at the very least. And I’d really like a chance to share my faith with you, especially those reading who aren’t Christians. I promise I will try my hardest on my part to remove the jargon and make it a positive, welcoming experience.

Mike will be preaching too. It’s our chance to say a heartfelt goodbye and thanks to all our family at Christ Church and Harrow and also to share my story with you. You might have known me a while, (even our whole lives!) but I’m really hoping you might encounter Jesus (eek, I said that word!) in a new way.

So, please click the graphic below for all the details and I really hope you will join me.











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